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Who will care for your lawn


My name is Giro “G” Maccheroni. I am a retired /  disabled veteran. I served in Iraq and Afghanistan during my 14 years in the military. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, I have found a home in Pearl River. I am a local resident. Like you, I am a homeowner and family man. 

I developed a passion for lawn lawn care while at basic training in 2002. It was a welcomed chore, a break from the indoctrinating chaos. Lawn care seemed to become a hobby I enjoyed. 

When returning from Iraq in 2008, I landed in Fort Dix, NJ. The most distinct, memorable aspect of that event was smelling the freshly cut grass near the tarmac. Every lawn I cut reminds me of the that day. 

Every lawn will receive the attention and care that I would give my own lawn.